Selling Your Property

Selling a home or property can be an involved and complicated process, however by enlisting the services of an experienced and reputable real estate professional, you can eliminate much of the stress and hassle connected to the selling process.

There is a great deal of money at stake when selling a home or property, and with Tom Peddle and Aberwin Realty Inc., you can be sure we have your best interests at heart. I’ll help you navigate the process of selling your home, effectively promote your property, negotiate on your behalf, and protect your investment.

Choosing the right Realtor can make a big difference when such a significant investment is involved. It is essential to find someone you feel comfortable with, who will work hard to promote your property, and who has the market experience and professional expertise to sell your property quickly, while getting you the best possible return on your investment. As an experienced Real Estate Broker I can:

  • Identify ways to increase your home’s value, such as repairs, updates and staging
  • Help you determine the best time to sell
  • Arrange a home appraisal to determine what your home is worth in the current market
  • Perform a Comparative Market Analysis to help you set an appropriate selling price based on the local market, and the sale values of similar homes in your area
  • list your home on an online site such as MLS (multiple listing service) to increase exposure to potential buyers
  • Arrange showings and open houses with potential home buyers
  • Complete all of the necessary contracts and paperwork to complete the sale
  • Answer any questions you may have, and offer guidance or advice in any areas you may require

My extensive experience and years of professional expertise can give you a distinct advantage in selling your home, and I am committed to working hard to ensure each client's success in the sale of their homes or properties. Contact me at (905) 383-9595 to list your home, or for more information on selling a home or property in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.